#50DAY and why entrepreneurs are like sport champs

14 February, 2018


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“Always dare, sometimes make compromises, never give up!”, that’s Peggy Bouchet’s motto. For those who don’t know her, she’s a superhero, and she shared her story yesterday on the #50DAY stage. Peggy was the first woman to cross the Atlantic ocean on her own. Her motto is one that every entrepreneur should hold close. Sports players and entrepreneurs are similar actually. Just like Julien Benneteau – a French superstar tennis player who also spoke at the event – described, both their journeys are made of highs and lows, and its your competitors, your coaches and ultimately your drive and execution that takes you to your goal.

Yesterday we headed to 50 Partners’ #50DAY where their 30 portfolio start-ups pitched in front of an audience of VCs, business angels and successful entrepreneurs. An event like every other you might say? Not at all, this one stood out from the crowd.

You might’ve been hearing that French tech is doing well. Amongst the myriad of figures to support this, we can note that the number of French startups increased by 30% since 2012 or that investment in French startups was multiplied by 2.5. Well yesterday was a living proof of it. The start-ups that pitched are lead by ambitious and skilled entrepreneurs who see the world as their oyster. Rarely have we seen such a high quality of start-ups in an investor portfolio.

The pitches were interspersed by short talks from entrepreneurs, corporates and sportspeople who inspired us with their stories of resilience and hope, such as Peggy Bouchet’s and Julien Benneteau’s.

Frederic Mazzella, whom we don’t need to introduce anymore, presented a values creation playbook for companies. Yes, Frederic is not only a genius entrepreneur but has also managed to create a true company culture and make it evolve through the different growth stages of its BlaBlaCar. He insisted on the fact that creating a company’s culture has to be a double-sided process: it needs to be top down and bottom up, the most important is for it to be inclusive.

Something that we particularly liked is their motto “Dream. Decide. Deliver”. Indeed, meetings usually have one of those three purposes and it’s therefore important to signal this clearly before starting off to make sure the meeting follows this target and is as efficient as possible. For example when a meeting is scheduled and its aim is to decide which strategy to deploy first, employees should refrain from thinking – “dreaming” – about other strategies as those have already been decided and it would decrease efficiency to go back to the previous step.

Lastly, a few words of 50 Partners whom we hugely appreciate working with, especially as a qualified source of deal flow. 50 Partners has a similar mindset to us at OneRagtime in the sense that it leverages its community of qualified and experimented investors to back its startups both financially and operationally. We want to thank them for having us yesterday and congratulate them for a brilliant afternoon!

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Elisa Gautier