A Morning with Snapchat


14 March, 2018


Events, Growth, Snapchat, Social Media, Zenly

Snapchat are the masters of innovation… they introduced the world to disappearing messages, stories and augmented reality ‘dog face’ filters – features that now feel intrinsic to social media. And what about Snap Map? The feature that Snapchat adopted through their acquisition of our portfolio company Zenly, was the first time that a major social network had created a way to interact socially online on a map.

Yesterday morning we had the pleasure of attending an exclusive event by Snapchat France about Growth in the heart of the Marais.

Our first impression: YELLOW! Yellow is everywhere: the food, the cups, the chairs, the bags, the lollipops, the pens, the name tags… Branding on point! We felt like we were entering the temple of Snapchat…

Snapchat Growth Morning France

Emmanuel Durand, Managing Director, kicked off the day with a quick introduction… but there was no need to describe the app, the average age in the audience was around 26 years old. An interesting point Emmanuel underlined is that “People have on average 20 to 30 friends on Snapchat which gives them complete freedom to be themselves and post what they like with no fear of judgement”. In a world where our online social circles are only getting bigger, this is becoming more and more uncommon.

Two Product Strategists then explained the ins and outs of the Snapchat product and the benefits of working with Snapchat for businesses. “We have a fun approach to Augmented Reality, people are using AR without even knowing it” explained Badib, Product Strategist at Snapchat in Venice Beach.

Snapchat Growth Morning France

Snap France’s Creative Lead then showed us the different kinds of ads that work best and some tricks using sound, video, various formats etc. Insightful, the first 2 seconds of an ad change the game!

A few talks and interventions from Bankin and Appsflyer, a selfie on the giant iPhone displayed and we’re out! Thank you Snapchat!


Elisa Gautier