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We connect the dots

We are living in an exciting world where everything is changing and accelerating, with technology and innovation reshaping every sector and forcing all industries to reinvent themselves.


At OneRagtime, we believe that large corporations are not doomed and have their role to play in this third wave of the Internet. However, they can’t innovate alone anymore and will need technological startups to help them face the challenges. We also believe that startups can find great opportunities for growth, working closely with large corporations to become the next world champions themselves. That’s what we do, we are connecting the dots, bridging startups and large corporations,creating virtuous synergies to make earth (and space…) a better place.


Our unbeatable strength? Our team!

We are a crazy team of millennials dreaming about flying cars, mining asteroids, saving our planet and making everyone’s life better than yesterday, backed by a 2nd generation of investors and operating under the radar of senior executives. To accomplish our dreams, we believe in connecting both organisations and startups unleashing the best opportunities our world has to offer. Oh did we tell you? We want to build a venture fund investing in startups that don’t believe the hype. So you won’t get the monkeys with us.

What we do