Helping start-ups and corporates to thrive in the digital world

At OneRagtime, we believe that M&A is the new R&D. Corporates can’t innovate alone anymore and need tech start-ups to help them face their challenges. But, finding the best start-ups and the most disruptive technologies out there is not always easy. So that’s where we come in…at OneRagtime, we’re using our start-up know-how and our close industry links, to help bridge the gaps between start-ups and large corporations.

We identify new business opportunities for corporates to become leading players, and give start-ups access to the right companies to unlock stellar opportunities. We do all this by providing advisory services regarding late-stage fundraising, acquisition and IPO.

Our unbeatable strength? Our team!

We are a team of tech-savvy talent, backed by experienced senior execs. We believe this is the magic combination of start-up knowledge and both the perspective and the contacts that years spent leading some of the world’s biggest corporates can bring. We screen thousands of start-ups every year and complete deep due diligences in all areas from tech to finance. We know start-ups and corporates inside out and are ready to use that knowledge to bridge the gaps!

With our beloved partner

Messier Marie & Associés

What we do

For Corporates

It’s time to step up a level, and we’re here to help you along the way! We can help you envision the future of your business, building up strategies to effectively transform your organisation, all at the right pace and price. We are able to identify new business opportunities for you to grow further, connecting you to the European, US, Israeli and Asian start-up ecosystems.

For Start-ups

You know that we love you, and what better way to show you our love than by giving you access to the right corporates to unlock the best opportunities out there.

We provide advisory regarding late-stage fundraising, acquisition and IPO in partnership with Messier Maris & Associés. We take care of start-ups until the exit.