Backstage of the Challenges OneRagtime SnapchatPitch

14 April, 2017


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This week, Le Sommet des Startups of Challenges magazine was going on in Paris. This is their main conference of the year, and the release of the Top 100 French Startups.

For a day it gathers the highest figures of the French Startup Ecosystem, and this year was closed by the leading candidate for the French Presidency, Emmanuel Macron.

You may remember our launch, back in November. We organized the first ever pitch competition 100% on Snapchat. Everybody loved it, and it resonated far enough.

Far enough that Challenges heard about it.

Thus we had the pleasure of participating in their edition. We helped them select the 10 best startups out of the 100 most promising French startups. These 10 were with us at Le Sommet des Startups and pitched in front of investors and experts from all industries.

Together with Challenges we put together a Snapchatpitch competition. During 1 week, we had 100 startups pitching us live on the OneRagtime Snapchat account.

It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here are the 5 winners.

5 winners but to be honest all of them were great.

But enough for me, you can read more directly on their site.

No doubt that it was a great event both before, at the conference, and after, but if the result was smooth and nice the journey was a daily battle.

It’s game time. Can you guess what is the usual reaction when you tell people about pitching on Snapchat?

Yeah… You guessed right, it’s something like “Whaattt?”. But not the good “what”, like can you repeat the question, it’s more like a bad “what”, yeah right you’re funny, what even is Snapchat…

So now you have to explain that to the people you are going to work with to make it happen, and to the 100 participants who are pitching.

We had our fair share of panicked competitors calling us 1 minute before their time was up calling to know how to login, or people with Math issues… What is the difference between 90 seconds and 1 minute and 30 seconds? Not much you would tell me, now you tell them…

But everything turned out great and even the jury loved it.

Having entrepreneurs pitching on Snapchat makes them work harder on their pitch and in the end delivering better pitches now, but more importantly after. It forces you to prioritize and organize your thoughts.

But it goes further, and even beyond pitching. We organized this competition with a media. It’s all about format.

Usages are evolving, and so formats need to evolve to be on par with the new usages.

This pitch is a great example that you can have people try and like formats they were reluctant to use.

One of the winners came to me after the competition. I remember them calling us very stressed before their pitch, and they ended up loving it. It enabled them to have a really cool moment with their team and they ended up crushing it.

So back to media, using new formats, testing them out, and improving them, will help them reach out to new audience and expand further their original business. Doing it now, right in the digital transformation era, is key to future success. Experiments like this are refreshing, and we can’t wait for the next one.

Before leaving you, I want to let you, the entrepreneur who is reading these few lines, on a high point.

After seeing 100 great pitches I have identify some key aspects that make a pitch successful.

  • Start with the issue. Be clear and concise; don’t scare people off too fast.
  • Present yourself and your team, make us feel welcome.
  • Introduce your way of solving this issue.
  • Show-off. I want to see the product.
  • And finally don’t be shy. Be funny, witty, and unconventional, you’d be surprised to see that it can go hand in hand with seriousness and professionalism.


Antoine Delanglade & Clément Lagé