Entrepreneur Hacks with Axel Dauchez


6 March, 2018


Civictech, entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, Make.org, Startup Advice


In Entrepreneur Hacks, we speak with up and coming entrepreneurs to find out what got them to where they are today, their top advice, and the odd secret or two.

In our second episode, we had a chat with Axel Dauchez, founder and CEO of Make.org.

Make.org is a civic, tech, European and independent initiative aimed at reactivating democracies by massively engaging citizens, businesses, communities, governments and institutions into collaborative transformative actions. Through this, Make.org is empowering normal people to contribute to the laws and decisions that will govern over them. OneRagtime is proud to have taken part in Make.org’s €2 million fundraising round last November.

Axel is the former CEO of Publicis France, Viva Technology and Deezer.


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