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7 March, 2017


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The heart of the CEE

In January, I decided to go spend some time in Vienna after I read an article on TechCrunch describing it as one of the most up and coming startup hubs in Europe.

So what?!

Vienna is rather small and the tech community is fairly young but it’s working really hard to put Vienna on the map. And it’s starting to pay off.

Vienna’s startup ecosystem is getting some good traction and is attracting many entrepreneurs of the CEE, for its quality of life, the startup supports, and its tech infrastructures.

Vienna has everything it needs to succeed.

First, there is an incredible pool of talents. A tenth of the population of Vienna is composed of students… Vienna universities are great and they are pushing toward entrepreneurship. They have recently started to implement a cross-university program to gather talents of different backgrounds to work together on entrepreneurial projects.

The government is also doing its fair share of the work. Austria is one of the most supportive countries for its entrepreneurs, enabling many to find precious pre-seed funding, almost for free…

Entrepreneurs need role models, and they usually follow them. If you can’t find a model in your local hub, chances are you’ll move to another one to get closer to your model.

Entrepreneurs’ models are usually successful entrepreneurs and startups. In Vienna, Runtastic is more than happy to take on the role. The successful Austrian startup decided to stay highly involved locally to help nurture this blooming ecosystem.

Finally, to go global and scale, startups need international exposure. Of course, the toughest hustler around knows how to go get it, but it’s not easy, not guaranteed, and may have them relocate.

International eyes are already turned towards Vienna. This is, without a doubt, thanks to Pioneers. The conference is one of the most upcoming startup conferences in Europe, and I can’t wait to go back to Vienna in May to attend. It brings a lot of international attention to Vienna, from investors, but also form startups that may see opportunities to develop in the Austrian capital.

I am glad I made this little trip to Vienna. The city itself is worth it. And I got to make really good connections that we will nurture with OneRagtime and hopefully contribute to the emergence of the next global champion made in Vienna.

Vienna in numbers:

200,000 $325M  $50M+
Students, with 30% of them being international Grants from the government In venture funding in 2016

Best incubators/accelerators:

  • Io2 Hub
  • TU Wien Innovation center
  • Global Incubator Network
  • Cisco entrepreneurs in residence
  • weXelerate

Top VC:

  • I5invest
  • Pioneers ventures
  • Speedinvest

Best Start-ups:

  • Runtastic – Acquired for $240M by Adidas
  • Emarsys – $55.3M in total funding
  • TTTech – $54.73M in total funding

Hottest Startups:

Vienna Startup Ecosystem

We used media sources to establish our mapping, it doesn’t reflect startups we recommend.

Cool stuff:

  • Austrian Startups
  • Austrian Startups Stammtish
  • Pioneers Conference
  • Entrepreneurship avenue
  • Startup Guide Vienna
  • Startup Grind Vienna

Best Co-working spaces:

  • Sektor5
  • Impact Hub
  • CocoQuadrat
  • Stockwerk

Best media:

  • Austrian Startups

Hot spots:

  • Neubau – the creative and entrepreneurial parts of town. Lots of coffee shop, art galleries, and so on.
  • Wieden – Another spot of choice for startups.

Top vertical:

  • Biotechnologies


Antoine Delanglade