French Deep Tech promising startup – Buster.Ai – raises €2M to fight against disinformation

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28 February, 2022


  • Founded in Paris in 2019, the start-up is developing a solution based on deep learning methods to facilitate and accelerate the work of information specialists, in order to combat disinformation.
  • Today, false information is widely spread and shared: this is a major issue for both information professionals and public organisations. 
  • This fundraising will allow Buster.Ai to support its growth, but also to strengthen its team and to make its technology accessible to the largest number of people. 

Paris, January 12, 2021 – Buster.Ai, a French Deep Tech solution to fight disinformation, accelerates its development and announces today a €2M Seed round supported by OneRagtime, Takara Capital, and Business Angels.  

According to Gartner, by 2022, we will all be consuming more false information than true information. The phenomenons of disinformation and misinformation have exploded with the advent of social networks and technologies that enable the falsification and dissemination of false information, or even the creation of false information from scratch. By simplifying and accelerating the verification of information through its sovereign technology, Buster.Ai sets a new standard for better control and reliability of information.

From data science to the fight against disinformation
As a graduate of CentraleSupélec and ESSEC, and with 15 years of experience in applied mathematics, software development and data science, Julien Mardas (CEO and co-founder) has worked for tech specialists (Criteo), telecom players (SFR), and advised numerous large accounts as an independent consultant (Société Générale, Unilever, etc.).  

The explosion of scandals linked to disinformation – Cambridge Analytica, Aggregate IQ, QAnon – has caused a significant impact on both public opinion and the financial markets. For the latter, a study by CHEQ and the University of Baltimore showed that the cost of fake news in the world of finance amounted to $39 billion in 2019 in the US markets. These factors prompted Julien Mardas and Aurélien Cluzeau to found Buster.Ai in 2019. The idea: to position themselves as the bulwark against disinformation. To achieve this goal, they are developing a solution using AI (Machine Learning and in particular Deep Learning) to help organisations simplify and accelerate the verification of content by comparing it with the existing knowledge.  

A technological response to “fake news”
Buster.Ai offers a SaaS solution and APIs to enable all its clients – the media, the world of politics and the economy, content production and distribution platforms, moderators on social networks, and information professionals – to equip their fact-checking teams in order to detect false information and thus contribute to limiting its propagation (texts, videos, images, etc.). 

Through a semantic, multi-language (11), multi-modal (images, texts, videos) approach and a diversity of sources (press agencies, media, encyclopaedias, scientific resources, social networks, etc.), the startup has developed a technology to verify the veracity of the information. To do this, they have developed their own Deep Learning and Automatic Language Processing (NLP) algorithms specialised in information search and processing. Thanks to the integrity score generated and key explanations, fact-checking professionals can detect misleading or falsified content.

To date, the startup has already won international AI challenges applied to fact-checking, such as its first places at CLEF 2020 and

A first fundraising to invest in R&D 
Buster.Ai already has ten employees. This fundraising will allow us to recruit new talent, in order to accelerate research and development, but also the marketing of the offer. 

Access to reliable and credible information is a precious asset that we must protect. Information professionals must be equipped with the right tools to ensure that the spread of false information is limited. Buster.Ai is part of this effort to become a major contributor. Fact-checking is indeed an ecosystem under construction and still in search of its scientific and methodological benchmarks,” explains Julien Madras, CEO and co-founder of Buster.Ai. 

Buster.Ai is a young French startup like we rarely see. In just two years, they have developed an innovative and concrete technology that provides a pragmatic solution to the fragmented ecosystem of fact-checking solutions. We are particularly proud to support Buster.Ai in their quest for accurate information and to facilitate access to it“, says Stéphanie Hospital, CEO and founder of OneRagtime.

“At a time when social networks relay more false information than verified facts, Buster.Ai provides a robust insight into this new market, with its colossal potential. Julien Mardas is one of the exceptional profiles that our profession gives us the chance to meet, and we are particularly happy to support him and to see his vision of fairer digital information become a reality,” explains Thomas Le Forestier, co-founder of Takara Capital.

About Buster.Ai 
Founded in 2019 in Paris by Julien Mardas and Aurélien Cluzeau, Buster.Ai develops a solution based on deep learning to facilitate and accelerate the work of information specialists, in order to act effectively against the phenomenon of disinformation. Using a semantic, multi-language, multi-modal (image, text, video) approach and a variety of sources, the start-up has developed a technology to verify the veracity of the information disseminated. Thanks to an integrity score generated by its algorithms, it is thus possible to detect misleading or falsified content. Buste.Ai was the winner of the CLEF 2020 competition, and raised €2M from OneRagtime and Takara Capital in 2021.
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