Gestoos raises €2.5 million through Kibo and OneRagtime


14 March, 2018


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Congratulations to our portfolio company Gestoos, whose €2.5 million funding round has been announced by La Vanguardia, backed by Kibo Ventures, OneRagtime and business angels.

Founded by Germán León, Andrea Halfpap and Marcel Alcoverro, with partner Pau Molinas, Gestoos is an AI platform that enables cameras and sensors to see, understand, and respond to human movement and behaviour in any environment or context. We are incredibly proud of Gestoos and their revolutionary technology, inspiring team and the limitless potential of their product.

Gestoos’ technology is currently being integrated into three significant industries: digital signage, smart home automation and the automotive industry. With major clients and partners including Philip Morris International, FC Barcelona, HP and Jaguar Land Rover, Gestoos is now working with Ficosa to develop augmented mirrors and Cisco to create ‘remote presence’ rooms for conference calling.

Gestoos is paving the way for a world where we can gesture to control home appliances, engage digitally in retail spaces and enjoy an enhanced driving experience that is safer and more convenient. For example, Gestoos can allow you to take photos in your car without needing to stop and reach for your camera, answer phone calls without taking your attention from the road, and using Artificial Intelligence, Gestoos can recognise the driver’s state of attention, triggering an appropriate alert to keep you safe.

With such versatile technology, Gestoos is definitely primed to disrupt across all sectors! The future is bright for both Gestoos and OneRagtime’s Spanish/US investments 😊


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Gestoos brings the vision of ‘Minority Report’ to electronics and automotives

The company changes its model and gets 2.5 million from Kibo and OneRagtime


Germán León was the director of Oblong in Europe, a company that emerged from MIT and is known as the ‘Minority Report’ of Silicon Valley, as León was the scientific advisor to Steven Spielberg for the film. In 2002, Tom Cruise projected images into the air moving only his hands. This is what makes Gestoos.

Germán León and Andrea Halfpap created Exipple in 2013, a company specialising in interaction design; in 2015 they merged with Gestoos, a UPC project specialising in computer vision. The resulting company, which also has Marcel Alcoverro and Pau Molinas as partners, maintains the Gestoos brand: “We designed a platform for the recognition of actions and gestures, protected by a patent, which allows reactivity, interactivity and intelligence to be performed on any surface screen, camera or device,” says León.

It has agreements with Ficosa for mirrors and Cisco’s ‘remote presence’ rooms

In 2016, the company went to the US with a delegation from Acció and entered the acceleration program 500 Startups. It was at this point that Gestoos decided to move its headquarters to Delaware and open commercial offices in both San Francisco and London. The company has 17 employees, 14 of them in Barcelona, ​​and revenues for over half a million euros a year.

One of its main clients is the Museu del FC Barcelona, ​​”where more than 3.6 million visitors have been able to experience the first gestural videowall in the world.” The company has customers in the commercial sector in the US, the UK, Australia and India (Adidas), he explains.

But Gestoos has even bigger plans: “We have partnerships with Ficosa to develop mirrors, and with Cisco to develop ‘remote presence’ rooms.” León says it should soon be possible to hold a meeting between several connected rooms, and to transfer a document between users by pointing and moving a finger with the file icon displayed in the air…” and then sent flying! Currently in development, it will be marketed as Cisco powered by Gestoos. The idea is that at the end of the year more applications will bepowered by Gestoos.”

Following the prospects for the market, the company has decided to refocus its strategy. “We will change the business model. Instead of charging license for each camera installed in trade, we will integrate in consumer electronics and automotive companies. The process is longer, but volumes will be higher “. To survive until sales materialise, Gestoos just received €2.5 million from Kibo Ventures, OneRagtime and business angels. And at the end of March, the team will travel to Japan as a finalist in NTT Data innovation. “We are already working with NTT in some fields.”