Artificial intelligence software for camera that can recognise people's gesture and behaviour in real-time

Gestoos (previously Exipple) is a start-up focusing on computer vision and human interaction technology. It has created an Artificial Intelligence software that can recognise people’s nano-gestures and behaviour in real-time. With Gestoos, any surface, screen, or object can become interactive. It enables companies to create engaging and multi-user experiences for home, work, transportation, and public spaces. First business cases include: automotive (driver’s behavior), digital signage and smart home automation.

They have already signed contracts with major brands: FC Barcelona, Adidas or Philippe Morris International.

Gestoos was founded by German Leon.

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contracts with multinational corporations


offices in Barcelona and San Francisco


user interaction in live implementation at the FC Barcelona museum

“We are more than happy to have OneRagtime as our investor. They truly understand the long term vision of our platform and what we will achieve. Their excellent team has guided us to maximize our funding and introduced us to highly influential investors and customers. Technology takes time and bold steps to leap forward. We feel that we have a great partner in this long journey.”

Germán León