“How to deal with the Boy’s Club” Strategies for women in tech, venture and leadership at France Digitale Day

Live Sessions

30 September, 2020


Missed one of the biggest days in tech of the year? No problem, we’ve got you covered with a video replay 😉

Data proves that diverse teams and women-led teams and funds consistently deliver better results. So why are women still encouraged to try to “break into” the boys club? Shouldn’t we create our own club? One that’s inclusive and deliberately diverse? Not to check the “diversity” boxes, but simply because it builds stronger businesses and better results.

The fundraising disparity is well documented and women are now training in scientific and tech fields at ever-increasing rates. Though another crucial key to success, is access to networks. The women discuss how they’re working to bridge the access gap and build new networks for mentorship, social capital access, etc. across the private and public sectors.

Joining our very own Stephanie Hospital, were three powerful panelists to discuss their professional journey and their recommendations to the next wave of women entrepreneurs.

Kat Borlongan
Director, La French Tech

Kat Borlongan is a specialist in open innovation and the international digital ecosystem. She is the director of the French Tech mission, a government-backed movement bolstering France as one of the best countries in the world to start and scale global tech champions.

Ghizlaine Amrani
Chief Operating Officer, Quantcube

She leads the development and business growth of the company to create a leader in Economic Intelligence powered by AI. Her mission is to provide investors and governmental institutions with predictive macro-economic and financial indicators to identify profitable investment opportunities and associated risks by analyzing alternative data such as satellite imagery, social networks, meteorological data, shipping, etc.

Ghizlaine’s focus today is to use the powerful technology that her team has developed in order to create a new generation of ESG indicators allowing a neutral, impartial and normalized assessment of the extra financial performance and its comparison between peers.

Sophie Proust
Chief Technology Officer, ATOS

Sophie has been the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Atos since January 2019. She joined the Atos group in 2014 following the acquisition by Atos of Bull, where she held the position of Head of Research & Development. At Atos, Sophie was head of the Research & Development for the Big Data & Cybersecurity division, from 2014 to January 2019. Alongside this, Sophie is part of the Atos Quantum Advisory board.

Before Atos, Sophie held various technical managerial positions at Bull in the mainframe, IT administration solutions and HW server design. In 2010, Sophie headed the Tera100 Project which delivered the CEA with the first Petaflops-scale calculator in Europe. She has been a member of the board of directors of Worldline since December 2016 and a member of the board of directors of the Université Technologique de Troyes (UTT) since December 2018. Sophie Proust is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité “Supélec” of Paris.