The social media creator that truly gets millennials raises $2 million in seed funding

Jellysmack, video creator, curator and publisher, delivers content on social media built on four verticals: football, gaming, beauty and innovation. This vertical strategy, coupled with the team’s expertise in the tech & media industry, results in outstanding metrics both in production of content and in the number of fans. On top of this, having anticipated and adapted to the disruption occurring around how content is consumed, the company is positioned to become a key player in the field! And OneRagtime will be there to help make this happen!

They are experiencing a tremendous traction with more than 2bn video view every months and have 17m+ followers on social media. They are #1 worldwide on all their verticals (Oh My Goal, Beauty Studio, Gamology and Genius Club).

Last metrics


engaged users




video views per month

“OneRagtime is one of the very few investors able to both challenge and support founders on the operational part of the business. They’re pushing us to think global and their corporate expertise allows them to be much more than a traditional VC.”

Michael Philippe