La Scène returns – a force for diversity in the world of entrepreneurship


22 February, 2019


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Entrepreneurship is an incredible adventure, that we can all agree on. To follow a personal project with unwavering passion, dogged determination and a big vision… this is a dream that should be open to all of us, no?

Sadly, it’s not always the case. Too often, for too many people, entrepreneurship is an opportunity that remains out of reach. Time after time the profile of an entrepreneur looks the same; according to Schoolab, it’s a founder who’s aged 39 on average, 87% likely to be male, and 76% of the time educated at the same handful of top universities.

To battle these bleak statistics, OneRagtime have teamed up with La Scène from Schoolab, the global innovation studio, and Maud Franca, Deputy Director of the Future Investments programme, to do something about it. The La Scène programme is where entrepreneurs from all walks of life are trained by industry leaders in theatre, film and entrepreneurship, to come together and share their project in a unique way on the Jamel Comedy Club stage.

Why the stage? Because speech is one of the most fundamental skills of an entrepreneur – it brings people together over a project, convinces those who can support it and even has the power to change perspectives, all in the space of one pitch.

Who’s taking part in this years’ edition? Entrepreneurs such as Aminata Diakhaby, Niakalé Sissoko, Samer Koujuk, Guy Grosset and Abdelaali El Badaouim, who will have their projects judged by jury members including our own Laurence Bret, Moussa Camara (President of Les Déterminés), Kat Borlongan (Director of La French Tech), Hapsatou Sy (entrepreneur, columnist and TV host), Guillaume Prigent (former jury member of the Eloquentia competition and Author of “Avoir Raison Avec Schopenhauer”) and Olivier Cotinat (Co-founder of Schoolab).

Much more than just one evening, La Scène is a talent accelerator. Bringing together worlds that meet all too infrequently, collectively on the same stage. La Scène is the beginning of a story.

With the sole aim of amplifying and serving entrepreneurial talent, at OneRagtime we couldn’t be prouder to be partners of this awesome initiative, alongside Les Déterminés, the FIMINCO Foundation, Tenzing Conseil, l’IESA Arts and Culture as well as Article 1. Diversity is a force for innovation, and anyone can be an entrepreneur. We’re determined to make that a reality.

To find out more about La Scène, click here.

To find out more about Schoolab, head over here.

La Scène Schoolab 2018

Last year’s inaugural edition