Independent civictech aimed at reactivating democracies by engaging citizens in collaborative transformative actions is a one-of-a kind company that generates substantial revenues whilst having a positive impact on society. It aims to reactivate democracies by engaging citizens in collaborative transformative actions. On the platform, citizens offer political and civic-themed proposals and vote on them.

The company is tech-oriented at its core, focusing on its data-science capabilities to generate terabytes of qualified data. It has already generated over 200K contributions per month on average and has secured dozens of corporations for its great cause initiative. The model combines a highly profitable growth profile with significant social impact, and is backed by an exceptional management team. It has the capacity to leverage data whilst respecting its values of neutrality, transparency and security. is set to disrupt the European pollster market. was founded by Axel Dauchez, former CEO of Publicis France and former CEO of Deezer.

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people reached during the Great debate “Réinventez l’Assemblée Nationale”

“OneRagtime is a fantastic new partner for for three reasons: they understand the tech world and how to grow fast, they appreciate the interrelation between the economic return of and its societal impact, and, finally, they actually leverage their network to speed up our development. They just have the best team you can dream of and they organise the hottest parties in Paris!”

Axel Dauchez