Marie Quantier

AI-powered tool offering customised and tailored recommendations to those wanting to invest in financial markets.

Marie Quantier have developed a revolutionary technology providing easy-to-use tools for anyone wishing to invest in financial markets. Marie Quantier provides you with the best customised and tailored recommendations adapted to your personal risk and market conditions. Using artificial intelligence and high performance computing, their tool analyses in real time thousands of economic indicators. This enables users to choose and invest easily in a large pool of diversified collection of assets, without exceeding the maximum risk they are willing to take. Marie Quantier provides easy-to-use tools and recommendations to make investment fun, bringing state-of-the-art Wall Street technology to a simple, effective app.

Their innovative technology was built by a passionate and dedicated team of PhDs with a strong academic and professional background.

Last metrics


PhDs in the team


portfolio performance thanks to their algorithm (since 2014)


years of R&D

“OneRagtime brings us the support of a VC plus the access to their network of individual investors. We get the full advantage of dealing with one industrial partner together with the ability of benefiting from multiple feedbacks. OneRagtime understands the value of bringing experience to us without being afraid of going overseas or thinking out of the box. We would recommend them without any hesitation.”

Mathieu Hamel