The Artificial Intelligence-powered platform that generates the perfect music for your videos in seconds.

Muzeek allows users to create real, original and synchronised music for video content in a matter of seconds. By 2019, video content is expected to represent 80% of all internet traffic. In this video-first climate, Muzeek is targeting the huge need for good music to match good content, throughout industries such as gaming, branding, communication, the creative industries and many more. They are the only tech platform to offer high quality music (not MIDI), created by real instruments, all at the click of the button. That means hundreds of thousands of potential musical combinations to fit any content, and with complete rights ownership. What’s more, thanks to the SaaS business model and Artificial Intelligence platform, Muzeek offers fantastic scalability.  With Muzeek, video creators can say goodbye to searching for the perfect track, paying for the rights and synchronising it to their footage. With demand for musical content at an all-time high, Muzeek is providing the ultimate solution.

Muzeek was founded by Yacin Bahi, André Manoukian and Philippe Guillaud.

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