OneRagtime Night 2017: Our Annual Event

18 December, 2017



What a lot you can achieve in a year when you put together those magic ingredients: a solid foundation of hard work, a fierce sense of ambition and a passion for innovation, all implemented by a talented team! We launched OneRagtime in November 2016 with the mission to back exceptional entrepreneurs and create global leaders with a disruptive approach to venture capital – so we took all of those ingredients, and got to work doing exactly that.

And in just one year we’ve…

• Funded and accompanied start-ups for $20 million
• Curated a community of 380 investors
• Seen 2000 start-ups applying on the platform
• Backed 7 truly exceptional start-ups
• Secured 1 exit

While it’s fair to say we’re quietly proud of what we’ve achieved, this is (of course!) just the beginning!

Cheers to that!

Nevertheless, we felt like a party was in order to celebrate the realisation of our vision, and to bring together our fabulous community under one roof. So, it was our absolute pleasure to welcome over 250 friends of OneRagtime and more than 120 of our beloved investor community to Yoyo, Palais de Tokyo in Paris last Thursday.

We started our evening with an intimate session with our investors, where we shared our ambitions for 2018 and welcomed their insightful feedback on the year. OneRagtime is a journey we’re all on together – and we’re working tirelessly to make investing even more seamless, flexible and convenient. And all this while leveraging the power of our community to bring support, access and the wisdom of experience to our entrepreneurs.

Then we caught up with our sensational portfolio companies; Keli Network, the social content creators (with over 2 billion monthly video views!) who checked-in via video from the US, Marie Quantier, the AI-powered personal investment recommendation platform, +Simple, the digital insurance broker for SMBs, Gestoos, the AI software recognising people’s gestures and behaviours,, the civic tech platform transforming society and politics, and onoff, the first telecom operator in the cloud. And we heard from the next-generation social reading platform start-up, Glose, who we’re watching closely in the coming weeks!

This was followed by a fierce pitch competition; Tilak, Newsvoice, InMyBag, Woleet and Wolf3D had 2 minutes to pitch followed by 2 minutes for questions from the jury. Our audience and jury voted, finding Woleet and Wolf3D the winners. Huge congratulations to them both and all our other candidates for some fantastic pitches!

And we took a moment to showcase pitches from ‘Fishtech’ start-up and Captain Drop. Captain Drop was the winner of the Epitech contest that took place 2 weeks ago, who we were proud to welcome to the stage as a nod to our close relationship with great schools like Epitech and Ecole 42, who are producing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Last but not least, we enjoyed a very special surprise pitch from André Manoukian, founder of the automatic music-generation platform iMuze, who we are also keenly following.

But, this was a party after all, so we opened the bar and the networking and champagne flowed!

What does OneRagtime mean to our disruptive community?

“It’s the value of having people who get really involved in the development of the company… helping us access the key partners that we want to work with.”

That’s what OneRagtime means to Eric Mignot, the President and Founder of our portfolio company, +Simple. This was echoed by onoff’s Taïg Khris and Marie Quantier’s Mathieu Hamel, and elaborated on by’s Axel Dauchez, for whom OneRagtime means being backed by a team who “appreciate the interrelation between the economic return [of start-ups] and their societal impact.”

As Eric highlighted, our event showed us two things:

1. That OneRagtime is a community of people who don’t just talk about supporting start-ups, but who really do get involved… This is not a network that exists only in the cloud.
2. That we provide access to a high-quality collective of key partners who are active and passionately committed to catapulting start-ups to success. OneRagtime is powered by the very best individuals in the ecosystem, and together we are backing the global champions of tomorrow!

And what did our investors say about us? Carl Verbrugge shared on stage that “when you’re looking for opportunities in start-ups, it’s basically very, very difficult”, so what’s special about OneRagtime, is the opportunity “for investors to work with a team of young people, who scout two, three thousand companies a year, and present these companies to people with wisdom and experience.” Youth and wisdom is absolutely the lifeblood of OneRagtime, and it’s this dual quality that makes us one-of-a-kind, if we may say so ourselves!

We’d like to thank all our guests who make OneRagtime what it is today. It’s in bringing you all together that we are reminded of the uniqueness of this community; one that is supportive, innovative, involved and likeminded in the relentless pursuit of disrupting the tech world.

What’s coming next?

Next year will see us growing our community, sourcing even more glittery new start-ups and enriching the platform experience, adding communication features to make our community even more close-knit. Join us on the journey!

We’ll see you next year!

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Nichola Finch