About the platform

We are currently developing our platform. We want it to work for you if you are an entrepreneur or an investor.


A new kind of venture capital

We are creating a venture platform which is built for on-demand investments, with startup scoring and matchmaking capabilities, an hybrid model between venture capital and crowdfunding.
Our aim is to take care of everything, from market analysis to terms negotiation and dedicated vehicles creation. By pooling top investors behind a common vehicle, we think we will enable startups to raise as much smart money as they are willing to. Basically we want to invest our own money and give you access to our top deals.


The backbone of our activity

Soon to be powered by the blockchain technology, this platform is the backbone of our activities enabling us to predict investments and animate our network, making the investment process seamless. We want it to be a one-stop platform leveraging automated machine learning and data analysis for co-investment, fundraising, market insights, talent sourcing. It will capitalize on latest digital technologies to encompass optimal user experience with the highest security environment standards in order to ensure an entrusted, simple and straightforward investment process.


How it all works

Outstanding investors

Invest in premium international startups alongside a Top Notch VC in a seamless fashion.

We will accompany you in your full journey to back amazing entrepreneurs who want to build global champions.

  • Join our outstanding community and connect with fellow investors
  • Discover our unique premium international dealflow
  • Start backing great entrepreneurs alongside a Top Tier VC, in a seamless process where we take care of everything, from market analysis to terms negotiation and dedicated vehicles creation
  • Manage your portfolio all in one place and keep track of your investments
  • Blossom as an investor or mentor and get access to high potential companies

Investments made easier with impact.


Join an amazing community of investors, mentors and team!! We would love to hear your feedback and get your suggestions on what you are expecting from us.

Get our app and joins our amazing community today!

Benefits of the platform

Corporates, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors. We are gathering talented members, all driven by the same passion for people and innovation. Because our only objective is to help nurturing innovation to shape a bright future. You’re the only one missing!

Strong community

We are not going to lie. We’re quite picky on the startups we accept on our platform. From all the flow we received, we select only the best which represents more or less 1% of the whole. La crème de la crème.

International deal flow

We handle all the hassle from deal terms to legal work. Our outstanding investor can raise their round seamlessly and build their portfolio in no time. And for our great startups we provide everything to scale smarty and to create synergies with corporates.

Investment made easier

You wanna reach Steven Spielberg, Hillary Clinton or Lady Gaga? We can help you! No kidding, the network of our community is just huge. International. Skilled. Powerful. A real international network of great talents competing in all categories. Convinced?

Huge network