The first digital insurance broker for professionals receives €0.8 million in funding

+Simple is revolutionizing the insurance process for small businesses and independent workers. The startup’s delegated authority from top tier insurers allows it to write its own policies and provide 95% of small business’s coverage needs. As an API driven company, it can seamlessly be integrated in their partner’s website to generate an increasingly growing traffic, brand recognition and sales. Insurance made easy! +Simple has all the tools in hand to become a leading distribution channel for Insurance, both in France and internationally. Through our funding and our advice, we intend to help them every step of the way.




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“We are happy to count Olivier Doha and OneRagtime amongst our financial partners. They are both visionaries who break with classic investment models. Their experience within the digital ecosystem provides invaluable help to our close-knit team, and will allow us to rapidly take on the challenges we have set for our company”

Eric Mignot