Less talk, more success

Ready to scale? We’re here to support you! We look across verticals and technologies… as long as it’s disruptive, we’re on board! But we do favour deep tech, software and consumer models. And obviously, a top-quality team driven by passion and ambition. Make the cut? Pitch your start-up and get funded by OneRagtime and our community of qualified investors: former successful entrepreneurs, CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, listed corporations and renowned family offices!

Our investment thesis

Even with the most unique idea and the best founders out there, start-ups need resources, talent and capital in order to scale. That’s why we provide access to top-tier investors and leverage the know-how of our international team to support you in key areas: development, finance, legal, growth hacking, design… Additionally, we have developed superb partnerships with leading service providers to support our portfolio companies. Finally, we have experienced mentors from leading companies (like Google, Fidor, LinkedIn and Sigfox) on hand ready to help you. They’re here to take you from zero to hero. This is the OneRagtime Studio!

The OneRagtime differentiation: our tight links with some of the biggest corporate names in Europe and beyond, offering unparalleled opportunities for start-ups. We leverage our international network to unlock access to the right people – the ones that will take your business to the next level. In partnership with Messier Maris & Associés, our Advisory is there to help with late-stage fundraising, acquisition and IPO. We really take care of you until the exit.