We are happy to count OneRagtime amongst our financial partners. They are visionaries who break with classic investment models. Their experience within the digital ecosystem provides invaluable help to our close-knit team, and will allow us to rapidly take on the challenges our company is facing.

Eric Mignot

Founder of

OneRagtime is one of the very few investors able to both challenge and support founders on the operational part of the business. They are pushing us to think global and their corporate expertise allows them to be much more than a traditional venture capital partner.

Michael Philippe

Co-Founder at Jellysmack

OneRagtime met me in the very beginning and found that what I was building was very different. And nobody understood that at the time, because it was so innovative. OneRagtime not only believed in us but challenged us on many points to help me to grow and refine my business model.

Taïg Khris

CEO of onoff

What we look for

OneRagtime specialises in the funding and scaling of early-stage pan-European tech companies. We are looking for software, deep technology and amazing people focused on building game changing products and services, disrupting either usages or markets.

We’re essentially looking for:

  • Exceptional founders looking for smart money
  • B2C and B2B2C models with an openness towards B2B, especially with short sale cycles
  • Early-stage companies with an actual product and preferably with some traction
  • Companies that are tech-oriented with a scalable product
  • Companies founded in Europe with an ambition to grow internationally

We like to be the first professional investor, coming in right after love money and business angels. We are best positioned to support companies with a technology or product that is ready to sell and scale. We provide funding and business development support necessary to help accelerate the start-up’s growth.

How to get funded


Apply directly through the OneRagtime Platform (also available as an app). The OneRagtime Venture Team will review your application and get back to you quickly.


Meet the OneRagtime team and go through our full due diligence process. Our due diligence process includes a full review of the team, the business model, the market, competitive analysis, product and technology, as well as external financial and legal due diligences. If we like what we see – less than 1% of the 4000+ projects we see each year – we commit and sign the term sheet before we launch the start-up on our venture platform.


Receive funding from our curated community of over 500 qualified investors. They are able to view the investment opportunities and commit funds on our Platform. We leverage our community to ensure each start-up is backed by the right investors to maximise growth potential.

All investors are federated in a single investment vehicle managed by OneRagtime. This allows our start-ups to get the best from our investor without crowding their cap-tables or imposing onerous relationships.

Grow your start-up

1. Scale your business

OneRagtime continues to support our start-ups beyond the fundraising process by offering access to unparalleled resources. 

We connect our start-ups with top-tier investors and experienced advisors from leading companies, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snap or Microsoft and large Corporates. We also leverage the know-how of our international team to support you in key areas: business development, finance, legal, growth hacking, and design, amongst others. 

Our tight links with some of the biggest corporate names in Europe and beyond offer business development opportunities for start-ups. We leverage our international network to unlock access to the right people – the ones able to take your business to the next level.

We have developed superb partnerships with leading service providers to support our portfolio companies. 

2. Prepare your future with our help

OneRagtime partners with Messier Maris & Associates in order to continue to support our start-ups in later stages of their development for funding or exits. Our Advisory services are designed to help with late-stage fundraisings, acquisitions and IPOs. We really take care of you from start through exit.

Start growing your business

Our passion is to work hard and deliver excellent results. It could solve the needs of develop innovation.