About the studio

At OneRagtime, we turn business into success. Just have a look at our platform, it’s the result of the superpowers of our team makers.
Our Studio is driven by a fully international approach in the very heart of cities like Barcelona and Paris and expending in all locations where great talents are.
Partnerships lie in every aspects of the studio. Our team works hands-on to build strong products that scale globally.
Together, with our partners, we aim to accelerate startups. Our ultimate goal is to leverage entrepreneurs’ businesses, providing them with relevant and essential assets on key areas such as product and tech, marketing and communication, market strategy and fund raising, talent management, business development, financial, legal, IT… at each and every stage!

Our Goal

We dedicate our energy building outstanding startups thanks to an unbeatable, high-talented operational and growth team distributed across all key areas of business...

Top developers, data scientists, designers, growth hackers and technical partners to support technology decisions and related implementation

Terrific team

Support to scale globally (market strategy, biz dev, comm, local talent) with key agreements with most prominent digital tech leaders such as Amazon …

Huge network

Financial, economic and legal assistance covering different geographic areas ensuring all topics are tackled appropriately on top of technology and product related ones

Full support

And for outstanding projects, we can also back the fundraising process through the One Ragtime Platform and the associated investment vehicles!

Investment lead

The unfair advantage

A venture building studio to build and scale your business.