The merits of the platform strategy


19 October, 2018


Investment, Platform, Platform Strategy, Venture Capital

How did Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook succeed in becoming the biggest societies in the world in just a few years? What’s the secret behind the lightning fast growth of Alibaba, Airbnb, Uber and BlaBlaCar? And how can both start-ups and established companies emulate these new champions and their recipes for success?

These questions and more are at the heart of the latest book by Laure Claire Reillier and Benoît Reillier, Platform Strategy, which can be seen as a guide to strategic management in the platform era. Recognising OneRagtime as an example of where the platform model has been executed, the book references us among “a new generation of investment companies”, which have been “structured since their launch as ‘venture platforms’, capable of facilitating interactions between investors and start-ups.” In response to the development of new platform models like our own, the Reilliers note that “the response from established companies is still a bit chaotic, but it’s very clear which direction they should take.”

Starting with the observation that today’s management models have been constructed using outdated tools inherited from the industrial revolution, the authors closely examine the new means of value creation offered by platforms and explain how the management rules are being re-written by these new actors. Platform Strategy analyses the economic cycle of platforms and the management of these new business models, demonstrating how traditional models and platform models can be combined to create organisations with hybrid ecosystems, bringing start-up-like agility to business giants.

Thank you to Laure and Benoit for including us in this fantastic book, which sheds light on the potential of leveraging communities and networks to accelerate growth. It’s exactly what formed our philosophy in building OneRagtime, and it is a privilege to have been recognised in your extensive research!

Click here to get a copy for yourself 😉

Platform Strategy by Laure Claire Reillier and Benoit Reillier


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