Women in Tech and OneRagtime


8 March, 2018


Diversity, International Women's Day, Leadership, Women in Tech

As one of the very few international Venture Capitals or tech companies to be founded by a woman, our OneRagteam is definitely passionate about the promotion of women in our industry. This International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to think about women in tech, and what we can do to campaign for and embrace diversity in venture capital, in technology and beyond!

Here’s some thoughts from each of the women on our team:

stephanie oneragtime international women's day women in techStéphanie

“To inspire more women in tech, it’s time to lead by example. Build diverse teams, support excellent female founders and strive to be the best you can be. The future is bright for tech and women leaders, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”

You can hear more from Stéphanie on diversity in tech in her interview with The CEO Magazine!

Nina oneragtime international women's day women in techNina

“Tech is one of the most lucrative and innovative industries at this point in time and is visibly lacking the perspective of female founders, engineers, investors, etc. This could significantly shape the direction of the industry’s growth and development and therefore make it more relevant to women everywhere.”

pauline elisa oneragtime international women's day women in tech

Pauline (left)

“The fact that OneRagtime is represented by amazing women makes it, I hope, even more powerful and inspiring for other women to work in tech. I think women are more and more welcomed on the tech scene, and I love the fact that OneRagtime is already going in that direction. “


Elisa (right)

“It’s time to get rid of stereotypes in tech, yes a woman can be a great CTO! We have complete parity in our team at OneRagtime, which enables us to have a very balanced, fun and enriching environment. It’s something the tech world needs more of. “


“We have amazing and talented women in our team, which is truly inspiring in our field mostly frequented by men. The graphic design field is not so different, it’s very rare that we speak about the role of women in design. That’s why I’m proud to be part of OneRagtime, we really work to promote diversity.”

Nichola international women's day oneragtime women in techNichola

“Diversity in a team means diversity of ideas – there’s nothing more powerful than that! I’m proud to be a woman in tech in such an exciting moment for our industry, and to be working within a team of such inspiring women.”
sophie oneragtime international women's day women in tech


“I think we should not promote a project just because it is lead by a woman, but rather, we should push women to lead more projects. It’s through this that we will really further our industry.”


Of course we should also mention the superb work of our portfolio company Make.org, whose ‘Violences Faites Aux Femmes’ campaign that was featured at OneRagtime Night 2017, has resulted in 8 concrete actions to reduce violence against women. You can take a look here.