Social mapping app for millenials, letting them see where their friends are hanging out. Zenly was acquired by Snapchat for c. €215m in June 2017

Zenly is reinventing location-sharing with an app that shares your friends and family’s whereabouts in real-time. A new means of social interaction, Zenly’s frictionless interface allows you to chat with friends, share your location and check that you’re not missing out on a group event. We fell for its simple yet attractive design and faultless technology. The app is highly accurate and uses very little battery due to no background activity, which is the major difference with other location-trackers. A new favourite amongst teenagers, Zenly’s design makes it useable by all age groups. Safe, fun and social, the company raised 2 rounds in 2016 alone. €11.2m in May for its series A, to which the Principals of OneRagtime personnally contributed as angel investors, and $22.5m in Series B in September.

Zenly was acquired by Snapchat for c. €215m in June 2017!

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Acquisition by Snapchat