About us

Since 2017, we've put together a remarkable mix of entrepreneurial, corporate, M&A, and Private Equity expertise in our team.

Our founders & godfathers
Stéphanie Hospital
Founder & CEO
Jean-Marie Messier
Virginie Morgon
Patrick Sayer
Philippe Bourguignon
Philippe Carle
Our business team

Our business team is composed of a venture team that sources and analyses our deal-flow, an investor team that manages our investor relations and a financial & legal team that support all of our operations.

César Chanut
Venture Director
Oscar Peribère
Venture Catalyst
Pauline d'Arthuys
Venture Catalyst
Alessandro Casiraghi
Portfolio Catalyst
Jules Tortora
Venture Catalyst
Antoine Guillaume
Head of Investor Relations
Louis Pradere
Investor Catalyst
Justine Roux
Myriam Bensiali
Finance & Office Manager
Paul Mergier
Head of Legal
Emma Veron-Durand
Legal Counsel
Gautier Mignot
Product Catalyst
Mehdi Benjelloun
VC Ecosystem
Our tech team

OneRagtime's internal tech team enables us to perform our own technological due diligence
and build tools that enable and facilitate the entire investment process.

Alvaro Lloret
Tech Lead
Mateo Vasquez
Platform Project Manager
Sebastián Golijow
Full-Stack Developer
Alejandro Acho
Full-Stack Developer
Ian Mihura
Full-Stack Developer
Nazar Shatmanaliev
Frontend Developer
Aslan Fakhri
Ankit Tewari
Data Scientist
Koosha Zarei
Data Scientist