Conflicts of interest prevention and management policy 

OneRagtime shall protect the interests of its investors, in accordance with the regulations of the French Financial Markets Autority (AMF) and rules of conduct common to France Invest and the Association Française de la Gestion Financière which are applicable to management companies in private equity. 

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, OneRagtime shall make its investment decisions by complying with the following main rules : 

Oneragtime's conflict of interest prevention and management policy is (i) updated from time to time by our RCCI, (ii) available at the head office (60, rue de Londres, 75008 Paris) and (iii) can be communicated to an investor upon request sent to OneRagtime. It is ensured by (i) a table listing potential conflicts of interest situations by themes, reviewed annually and updated by the RCCI and (ii) a register of potential and/or the conflicts of interest which are occurred.

If a conflict of interest is detected by the RCCI, it will be treated in accordance with the rules detailed in the table of potential conflicts of interest or, if this is not sufficient, by using effective procedures and measures adapted to the conflict of interest concerned.

For more information, we invite you to contact OneRagtime. 

Compensation policy

The variable compensation paid to the employees of OneRagtime will consist of annual and discretionary bonus based on quantitative and qualitative criteria. 

The amount of the annual bonus will be fixed for each employee within the limit of 30% of his/her fixed remuneration and 200,000 euros by assessing the following principles: (i) the evaluation of his/her individual performance (taking into account both financial and non-financial criteria) and (ii) of his/her operational team performance with the evaluation of the collective results achieved by OneRagtime.

Claims processing

OneRagtime's clients or prospects may address their claim to OneRagtime by (i) post at the following address: 60 rue de Londres 75008 PARIS or (ii) by e-mail at:
If OneRagtime receives a claim from a client or prospect, it will be treated, free of charge, according to the procedure described below: 

Shareholders’ vote policy

OneRagtime undertakes to monitor the strategy, financial and non-financial performance, risks, capital structure, social and environmental impact and corporate governance of each of its portfolio companies in accordance with the investment policy set out in the by-laws of its funds. 

OneRagtime undertakes, in the interest of its portfolio companies, to maintain a regular communication with the management of these companies, in particular through the attendance on the meetings of the board of these companies, in which OneRagtime undertakes to hold one seat to represent the interests of its investors. OneRagtime will also maintain a fluid, constant and constructive dialog with the founders of these companies and the other shareholders.

OneRagtime undertakes to make its best efforts to resolve any differences of interest. OneRagtime undertakes, during each financial year, to exercise its shareholders’ voting rights in case of shareholders’ consultations, in particular in the context of the approval of annual accounts, governance decisions or any refinancing rounds. 

For more information, we invite you to consult the annual report on shareholders’ vote policy published on our website by 30 April of each year.