A unique combination


A venture platform-powered ecosystem

To develop, startups, even led by the best hustlers or the craziest/dopiest millennial entrepreneurs or new generation ones, you need resources, and not only money. Entrepreneurs need support, they need talents, they need connection, they need access to the big guys (aka the corporates), and yes, capital. All of these are hard to find, or retain, even when you are in a big hub…
We built something special for startups: a venture platform-powered ecosystem. We built it in a way to assist your startup from zero to hero, because adding amazing things together, no matter how small they are, you end up with something fantastic: our world!


A full stack venture partner

We want to provide startups with all the resources they need to build and scale their business and to give investors access to a premium deal flow. Basically, our objective is to bring startups and investors together to build and scale the next global champions while having a positive impact. We empower people to shape a bright future with innovation.
You wanna join us? We are looking for software, deep technology and amazing people who are focusing on game changing products and services, disrupting usages or markets with established players. All this with impact.


A strong community

Building a strong community of passionate people around our startups is very important to us. We believe they are the key to success to many amazing startups.
And for being great, we want to give our investors and mentors a premium easy access to one of the best international group of startups. This is exactly what we aim at offering with OneRagtime: efficient access to top notch resources, smart money, network and experience. Our one and only objective is to help nurturing innovation to shape a bright future. We empower people’s dream.

A new model

OneRagtime is a savant combination of all the boxes setting up a venture platform-powered ecosystem made of a venture platform, an advisory service, a studio and a venture cloud fund.