About us

Our mission is to empower exceptional entrepreneurs to succeed internationally through smart money and our curated community of investors. To do so, we have built the 3 elements of OneRagtime for entrepreneurs, investors and corporates alike: our Platform, our Studio and our Advisory.
We strongly believe that the key to success for our start-ups is to be supported and backed by the right people. This is what the OneRagtime community is about. Our start-ups have access to capital, contacts, knowledge and operational resources to become the next global champions.
For investors, we offer a prime deal flow carefully scouted and selected by our team with strict due diligences. We negotiate terms that are inaccessible to individual investors and offer a seamless, fully digitalised investment process.


We are a team of tech-savvy talent and experienced senior executives. Founded by Stéphanie Hospital and Jean-Marie Messier, OneRagtime is also guided by our wise Godfather, Philippe Bourguignon, and gathers superstar mentors such as Patrick Sayer, Virginie Morgon and Laurence Bret.

Stéphanie Hospital

The VC Powerpuff. Moulded in the corporate world but born entrepreneur, this digital woman is disrupting the codes of tech and investment, empowering entrepreneurs’ dreams.

Jean-Marie Messier

J2M: investment banker, investor, and visionary. He enables startups and corporates to collaborate to change the world! The wizard of disruption.

Philippe Bourguignon

CEO, investor, leader, personal advisor, sailor. Disrupting venture capital at OneRagtime and Revolution. A man of many talents, sail with him and he'll show you the world.

Laurence Bret-Stern

The latest addition to our phenomenal mentors. Master skier and people lover, she's our network superstar - scaling heights others can only dream of.

Josep Solé

Who said product guys can’t be cool? Coder at heart, but natural businessman, he is uniting unique features in powerful products, while speaking Catalan… #controversial

Benjamin Cohen

He surfs like a pro through financials and pitch decks to track the next golden nugget, helping them to reach the stars... unless the surf's up, of course.

Romain Untereiner

Doer, dreamer, he deals with data on the drumbeat. Part-time musician, full-time geek #RU360.

Elisa Gautier

Explorer, adventurer; she never settles down. She guides our investors in choosing their next start-up baby.

César Chanut

Who said engineers couldn't get the VC world? César explores the city on his bike, discovering tech ventures that will change the world and guides them through to triumph.

Ángel Jiménez

This developer beats bugs during the week and scores goals at the weekend. He works on our website and our platform, unless he gets signed by Málaga Club de Fútbol…

Nichola Finch

The British touch to our eccentric team. Never short of something to say, our resident wordsmith drinks tea and drives growth.

Brice Lapouble

Mathematician, chef and tennis player, he’s calculating the perfect ingredients to serve up a start-up ace. From Bordeaux to Barcelona, he won’t stop before he finds the next tech champion.

Alfredo Garcia

He follows the numbers and knows how to speak their language. An equal lover of fintech and fine food, now he’s our go-to-guy for all things finance.

Vincent Robert

Simultaneous thrill-seeker and legal whiz, Vincent proves that lawyers don’t have to be boring. Whether mountain biking in the Alps or fishing in the frozen seas of Alaska, he’s on top of our legal presence worldwide.

Daphné Schuller

Daphné is a true citizen of the world - 15 years abroad, across 6 countries, in 4 languages. Always by our investors’ sides, she’s here to build our brilliant community and steer our investors to the perfect start-up.

Mateo Vasquez

Colombian-born Mateo has an eye for detail, whether it’s capturing Barcelona on his camera, or building beautiful frontend code. Always looking for a fresh perspective, he looks for (and finds) what others tend to miss.

Inés Melgá

Gamer first but artist by trade, she trains her eye on the bold and beautiful and crafts an exquisite user experience.

Lucas Schmuck

Lucas has one motto: “try everything”. Based in London to support our Advisory and Business teams, he’s on an innovation mission for start-ups and corporates alike.

Luc Semon

A Front-end developer with flair, Luc puts himself in the mind of the user to help build beautiful interfaces. With his natural feel for UX and big vision, he’s on hand to drive our products forward.


Here are our values… So that you know whether you fit with us!


We believe in long-term relationships and aligned interests.


Go big or go home.

People focus

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Hard work

Because as Jefferson brightly discovered “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”.


It is our drive!


“I’m neither clever nor especially gifted. I’m just very curious.” – A. Einstein.

Global outlook

The world is our playground.


Let’s focus on the bright side.

Having fun

Because that’s what life is about.

Cool attitude

There is nothing worse for us than people who take themselves too seriously!