1. General


What is OneRagtime?

OneRagtime is a venture platform-powered ecosystem fuelled by a strong community of passionate people all driven by the same passion to nurture the next big champions of our time. What are we exactly? We are building a venture platform, a fund, an advisory service and a studio all at the same time!


What does a venture platform-powered ecosystem mean?

It means that at the very heart of our activity, we will have an amazing platform enabling us to predict investments, animate our network and make the investment process seamless. This one-stop platform is going to leverage automated machine learning and data analysis for investment, fundraising, market insights and talent sourcing. That’s goddam exciting!


Who is the OneRagtime team?

We are a team of millennials backed by 2nd gen investors (and operating under the “surveillance” of some elderly loaded with corporate, operational, managerial, investment, advisory, and startup experience).


How do we make money?

We will work like a traditional fund with management fees and carried interests on the investments we aim at doing. No costs or fees for the start ups. We also offer advisory services to corporates, which is good because it strengthens our connections with them. So we can give more exposure to the startups we will invest in.



2. Venture Platform


What exactly is our venture platform?

Our venture platform is built for on-demand investments, with startup scoring and matchmaking capabilities. It’s a hybrid between venture capital and crowdfunding. We scout and select the most promising start ups and help them to scale with our unfair advantages (international network, experience, operational capabilities and experience…). We take care of everything from market analysis to terms negotiation and dedicated vehicles creation. By pooling top investors behind a common vehicle, we enable startups to raise as much smart money as they are willing to. Basically we invest our own money and give you access to our top deals.


What is equity crowdfunding?

It is crowdfunding but instead of receiving a goody, you receive equity.


How much does it costs?

OneRagtime is completely free to use both for startups and investors. Having said that, we’re not a charity and we do make money off the deals we make 🙂 How does it work exactly? We set aside 4% of the money invested to cover all the hassle linked to set up and legal fees. We also take 2% each year during 4 years for administration fees, and then 1% for the next years, caped at 10 years. No worries, the fees don’t in anyway dilute the startup! Let’s take an example, if you decide to invest 100K in one of our outstanding startups, it means you will have 6K of fees the first year, 2K of fees for the 3 following years and then 1k. You will thus pay in total 113K (100K + 13k of fees) for a 5 years investment. And we will share the value created with a 20% carried.


How much do we usually invest per company?

Our average ticket size is 100K. But we can’t give you an average investment size, we invest as low as 500K to 1,5M and way more.


How do we select companies?

We have an amazing network and unfair advantages which makes us appealing for the most promising startups 🙂 We select both by reviewing applications submitted on our platform and with some cool screening tools we built. But I am not going to lie, we are really picky on the startups we accept on our platform. Team first! Amazing entrepreneurs we trust and with whom we share the same values … Amazing business opportunities… Amazing products. We’ll carefully review every aspect of your business plan, as well as your financials. We want to understand your vision, and make sure it’s aligned with our objectives and see how we can bring you extra value thanks to our experience, network …


What is the blockchain? Is it safe?

The distributive ledger… It’s awesome. No kidding it will change the world. It’s the safest and fastest way to transfer information, including money. Not yet implemented but we are working on it. Innovation is key for us in our own business too but we deliver when the timing is good 🙂


Is Santa real?

According to our latest research there would be a guy living close to the Arctic circle who would fit the description. But the elves at the local journal refused to confirm the information.



How do I join as an investor?

We will only accept amazing investors. And accredited ones. To join us, it’s very easy, you just have to submit your application from our application or website and wait for our team to review it.


What’s an accredited investor?

Only accredited investors will be allowed to invest in OneRagtime Limited Platform. Yet you have to fulfil your country’s proper requirements in terms of accreditation as well as the UK requirements because yes, we’re located in the UK, we are Europeans 🙂


How does it work?

We accompany you in your full journey to back amazing entrepreneurs who want to build global champions.

1. Join our outstanding community by signing up directly through our site and let yourself be led by the flow.

2. Discover our unique premium international dealflow. We select the best startups to present you. Less than 2% pass the test.

3. Start backing great entrepreneurs alongside a Top Tier VC, in a seamless process where we take care of everything from market analysis to terms negotiation and dedicated vehicles creation.

4. Manage your portfolio all in one place and keep track of your investments

5. Blossom as an investor or mentor and get access to high potential companies


Is there an investment minimum?

Yes. The minimum investment amount you can commit to is 25K euros for accredited investors with the aim to invest at least 100K euros over your membership.


How many interactions will I have with the startups I invest in?

When you decide to invest in a startup, we will pool your money with the other investors involved on the deal in an investment vehicle. So you won’t technically invest directly in the startup. We will do it for you. If we do it this way, it is to avoid making the cap table of our investments too crowded. As such, you don’t have to interact with the startup you invest in if you don’t want to. However, we do our best to match investors and startups with common interests and complementary skills and connections. As you know our one and only objective is to connect the dots, thus we encourage you to be a mentor and support the startup you invest in.


Can I exit from a deal I am involved in?

Right now you can’t. If you commit you will be involved until exit. That’s the magic of investment. Investing in startups is a risky business, and expected returns are long term. You have to be ready for that.


When can I withdraw my funds?

We produce returns on your investment when the startup exits. You’ll be able to withdraw your fund then. But it takes time, and isn’t guaranteed at all.


Can I change the term sheet if I don’t like it?

Sorry man, we negotiate those with the startups before making them available for investment on our platform, so you can’t.


Can I create a syndicate?

Not at the moment, but you can already refer your friends to invest on the platform and they can come on the same deals as you. But please invite them as the community we are building is amazing. You are already part of it 🙂



How do I apply as a startup?

You just have to click on “I’m building a great startup” and fill in your application on our site or app. To submit it, all fields should be filled in.


How does it work?

We accompany you in your full journey to success, from seed funding to exit, from UX to partnership

1. Fill in the application on your smartphone or desktop and get selected by our Team

2. Get funding from our Fund and a bundle of relevant investors

3. Find the perfect mentors that will bring value to your startup

4. Be part of a worldwide premium community

5. Work with the best service providers and partners

6. Make partnerships with major corporates

7. Access to OneRagtime unfair advantages and resources

8. Go global and become a champion


What type of companies are featured on OneRagtime?

We are looking for software, deep technology and amazing people who are focusing on game changing products and services, disrupting usages or markets with established players. With impact. You feel like we’re describing you? We’d love to hear more about you!


How long does it take to raise capital?

In average it will take about one month to raise money on our platform. However, the time will vary from one startup to another.


What if I don’t like my investor?

Investors won’t technically invest directly into you. So your only investor will be us. Though we do our best to match you with the best investors so they can be your mentors.


When do I receive investments?

You won’t receive a peanut until you meet your funding target and all the closing conditions are fulfilled. To understand a bit more about how it works, once an investor commits, the subscription is held securely in what we call an escrow account. If all the money is funded and the closing conditions are met, you will receive the money and our beloved investors get their applicable securities.


What about the confidentiality concerning your startup’s information?

We know that some information is sensitive that’s why only members of our community can access your startup’s information.