How to invest

The freedom to choose how to invest

Benefit from the flexibility to decide how you invest, whether via our club-deal or via our early-stage and growth funds.

OneRagtime is a portfolio management company approved by the AMF under the number GP202219.

Rhapsody II
OneRagtime Paragon
Ad-hoc via SPV
Early-stage fund
Seed to Series C+
Seed to Series B
Series B to Series C+
Deal-by-deal construction
15-25 deals total
15-25 deals total
From €30k
From €200k
From €500k

Our Investment Strategy

Our investment thesis

1st professional investor, thanks to our robust network & proactive sourcing
Minority equity stakes (5-30% ownership) starting from €500k tickets
Follow-on strategy of our seed investments via pro-ratas (Series A-C)

Our focus areas

Consumer & prosumer Platforms
Gaming & social, marketplaces, creator economy, fintech
AI, cloud & cybersecurity
AI, SaaS, blockchains, data, cloud security & privacy, devops tools
Tech for values
Health, climate, impact, edtech

What we are looking for

Exceptional & experienced entrepreneurs
European-based with strong international DNA
Scalable and capital efficient models powered by tech & communities

The freedom to choose how to invest

Access all of OneRagtime's high potential deals
Diversify your portfolio of investment types
Support entrepreneurship and innovation
Contribute to the creation of durable jobs in France and Europe
Take advantage of Remploi tax benefits

How to invest and become a member of our exclusive community:

Invest in Paragon or Rhapsody II
Choose our club deals only
with a 1K annual access fee
Get exclusive investment opportunities
Have access to quarterly VIP events
Meet founders in community events
Get highly curated market insights
Give back to entrepreneurs sharing your experience and network
Network with the OneRagtime community
Join as an investor

How to work with us

For Distributors partners

OneRagtime works with distribution partners such as private bankers, asset and wealth managers looking to diversify their clients’ portfolios with a venture capital investment product.
Distribute our diversified funds
Creating a bespoke investment product for your clients
Contact the OneRagtime Investor Team for more information

For Corporates

Thanks to its founding team, OneRagtime has always understood corporate priorities and the importance of building strong relationships with a network of key corporate players.
Create a strategic fund
Invest in our club-deals or our funds
Contact the OneRagtime Investor Team for more information

Invest with us and back exceptional European companies

When investing with us, you can benefit from remploi tax advantages