Investing has never been easier

The OneRagtime investor community is composed of outstanding business angels, family offices and corporates. Over 500 qualified and accredited investors make up our international community.

Investors have access to our Platform. Built for on-demand investments, the Platform empowers investors to invest on a deal-by-deal basis. It is accessible via a web page or an app. Applying to join our community is straightforward, fast and completely free. What are you waiting for?

We source start-ups with exceptional leaders who disrupt established markets through innovative tech, favouring B2C and B2B2C software models. We guarantee the best, because our standards are high: we only select less than 1% of the 3000 start-ups that we screen every year. Indeed, our data platform enables a highly selective deal-flow by leveraging our analytics and scoring solution.

We carry out strategic and technical due diligences internally and negotiate the terms with the entrepreneurs to ensure a settlement with fair VC terms.

All you have to do is choose which disruptive start-up to invest in!

Our investment thesis

Investing through crowdequity allows you to choose the opportunities to invest in, in exchange for equity stakes in the start-up. You invest alongside OneRagtime and other experienced investors all gathered in a single structure – an SPV created for the investment, which is regulated as a fund.

Our process is fully digitalised, from filling in the KYC (Know Your Customer) to signing all documents electronically. The platform even allows you to monitor your portfolio to keep track of your investment.

OneRagtime provides post-investment support to our start-ups to help them develop and achieve their full potential. Our acceleration Studio accompanies them every step of the way through access to mentors, operational resources (design, UX, software development, infrastructure) and support in key areas of business (HR, business development, growth hacking…).

Our start-ups also have access to growth opportunities by working closely with large corporations. In partnership with Messier Maris & Associés, our Advisory services are able to help with late-stage fundraising, acquisition, IPO and more.

Most of our start-ups are eligible for reinvestment of capital (remploi: 150-0 B ter). For more information, don’t hesitate to ask us any question at

Three ways to invest with OneRagtime


The flexible way to invest - select from our pre-vetted deal flow and invest with total freedom

  • Access our curated international deal flow with the freedom to commit deal-by-deal

  • Review professional due diligence material for each company before committing

  • Invest seamlessly online through a quick, fully digitalised process


Enjoy extra OneRagtime privileges - invest automatically but with the freedom to ‘opt-out’

  • Enjoy priority access to our curated international deal flow with a spot reserved for you on every deal

  • Invest in every deal, with a 7 day ‘opt-out’ period and access to all the due diligence material

  • Benefit from a lower minimum ticket size for increased diversification

  • Have the option to increase your investment on the start-ups of your choice


Our premium offer - expand and diversify your start-up portfolio with a one-time, effortless investment

  • Commit once and invest automatically in our curated international deal flow

  • Never miss an opportunity by investing in all companies with industry and geography diversification

  • Sit back and relax, OneRagtime manages all of your investments

  • Take advantage of the easiest way to invest and diversify your portfolio