Why OneRagtime?

Joining the OneRagtime investor community means saying good-bye to tedious investment processes and loads of paperwork. Thanks to our fully digitalised investment process, accessing investment opportunities is only a few clicks away.

Validating your KYC, analysing opportunities, and making a commitment can all be done via our our application or on our platform.

We source and vet the deals ahead of the pack

OneRagtime grants you access to our curated international deal flow of start-ups. Thanks to our proprietary tools and extensive network, we receive and review over 4000 companies per year to present you with only the top 10.

We perform extensive internal and external business, technological, financial, legal/IP, and HR due diligences on every start-up that we finance.

Annual deal-flow
In 2018 OneRagtime received:
Start-ups received
50/50 from out network vs. other sources
Meetings with entrepreneurs
Deep analysis
Since we’ve started investing:
Start-ups backed
Follow-on investments
Open investments
Main sources of deal-flow
We invest internally in our R&D. We have developed DeepDive, our toolt to leverage technology for smarter sourcing (50k+ start-ups in our database)
Investors & entrepeneurs
Our investors want to be involved and refer investment opportunities. They are well connected and prove to be a highly qualified source of deal-flow
We are bulding a strong brand attractive to start-ups, through original content and presence to main tech events. It gives us visibility and increases organic incoming deal flow on our platform
Community of tech experts
We are building a powerful and trustful community to access the best deal flow. Notable examples include (euratechnologies, L39, The Refiners and 50 partners)
Proactive sourcing
Proactive sourcing on specific verticals (gaming, AI applied to health, etc.) is also a good way of mastering a sector and understanding the trends
Schools & Partnerships
Business, Engineering and Development = finding tomorrow’s talents (42 silicon valley, Imperial College London and Epitech)

Thanks to our unique position as “first VC in”, we can guarantee our investors professional term sheets, including:

  • a board seat for OneRagtime and a board-advisor seat
  • preferential liquidation
  • ratchets
  • pari-passu rights
  • leaver rights

We believe that start-ups need smart-money, that’s why we provide our portfolio companies with strategic, operational, business development/ commercial, and recruitment support. We invest on a deal-by-deal basis and bring each one dedicated attention.

By leveraging the strength of the OneRagtime community we offer our entrepreneurs access to exceptional business development, sectorial and functional advisors and create synergies across our portfolio companies.

We’ve partnered with a top-notch investment bank to ensure that we’re always one step ahead of the game when it comes to exits. Once we’ve grown your portfolio companies, you can count on the mid to late-stage M&A deal advisory expertise of Messier Maris & Associates to find the right acquirers.

How to invest

OneRagtime aims to make investing in early-stage start-ups as accessible as possible for individuals, family offices, partners (private bankers, wealth and asset managers), corporate and institutional investors alike.

That’s why we offer our investor community the choice of investing on a deal-by-deal basis in our crowd equity vehicles or via our diversified fund (Eureka 1).


OneRagtime creates a dedicated special purpose vehicle (SPV) for every start-up, gathering all the investors investing with our On-Demand or Diversification offers, as well as OneRagtime itself.

Each SPV is regulated (EuVECA) and established for the purpose of investing in the shares of a single target company.

Access to dealflow
Access to due diligence
Digital investment process
Digital portfolio management
Quarterly reporting
Full portfolio diversification
7-day opt-out option
Dedicated vehicle
On-demand Diversification
Choose your investments the flexible way Automatically build a diversified portfolio

Diversified funds

OneRagtime also caters to investors looking for a hassle-free way of investing in early-stage venture capital start-ups. That’s why we’ve created a diversified fund that allows you to invest in multiple target companies with a single subscription.

Investing in shares of our diversified fund, EUREKA 1, allows you to:

  • Diversify your portfolio of investment types
  • Support entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Contribute to the creation of durable jobs in France and Europe
  • Benefit from an advantageous fiscal regime on profits (more information below)
Investment thesis
Target investment sectors: Entertainment & content, Data, AI, Healthcare, Fintech, Mobility
Exceptional and experienced entrepreneurs
Short sales cycles with B2C and B2B2C models
Technological barrier to entry
Start-ups based in France and rest of Europe with an international DNA
Investment strategy
1st professional investor: entry at Seed/pre-Series A; follow-on seeded investments on Series A/B
Investment in equity i.e. €500k - €5m; minority stakes 5 - 30%
30-40% dedicated to seed investments; 60-70% dedicated to follow-ons of OneRagtime portfolio
Eligible to fiscal advantages linked to “Apport-Cession / Remploi” mechanism (150 O-Bter)
Partial profit redistributions starting 6th year of fund lifespan (fiscal requirement)

Our Community

While many of our investors prefer to enjoy their privacy, some are happy to share their involvement with us with the world!

We get too many offers, in order to make sure that you don’t invest in every single start - up, you need SOMEONE WHO ’ S GOT THE CAPABILITY TO ANALYSE all the techniques which are involved in a very thorough manner. ONERAGTIME HAS AN UNRIVALLED NETWORK OF EXPERTS that they take from.

Patrick Sayer

CEO of Augusta

The Française des Jeux much appreciated the innovative approach of this new generation venture capital platform.

Marine Egnell

Innovation Direction - FDJ

I joined the OneRagtime community because I wanted to diversify my own investments, especially in digital. Then, I’ve known [...] the team for a long time and it’s clearly the quality that attracted me. Third, the first investment opportunities that I’ve been introduced to were very significant and with high potential.

Jean-Luc Allavena

CEO of Atlantis

Family offices
Here are just a few of the family offices that trust us
Here are just a few of the private banks, asset and wealth managers that trust us

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