Send your pitch

Send your pitch directly through the OneRagtime platform, on desktop or mobile. Our Venture Team will review your application and get back to you quickly.


Meet the OneRagtime team

This will be our first chance to get to know each other. The conversation is always friendly, but expect our venture team to challenge you with questions about your team, product, technology, business model, and market.


Perform the Due Diligence

If it seems like a good fit across interest and investment theses, our venture team will start due diligence by diving into all aspects of your company.

We work closely with thought leaders and experts in our network to evaluate all of the companies we meet with. If we want to learn more, you’ll be asked to pitch to a larger group of stakeholders at OneRagtime.


Sign the term sheet

If we like what we see – and the reality is that we say no much more often than we say yes – we commit and sign the term sheet.


You get funded

Leveraging both our community and dedicated funds, we ensure each startup is backed by the right investors to maximize growth potential. Investors review the opportunities and commit funds on our platform.

You’ll receive funding from our curated community of 250+ qualified investors.