Why join OneRagtime?


We source and invest
in the best start-ups

Thanks to our exclusive community and proprietary tools, OneRagtime grants you access to our curated international deal flow of start-ups. We receive and review over 4,000 companies per year to present you with only the top 10. We perform extensive internal and external business, technological, financial, legal/IP, and HR due diligences on every start-up that we finance.

startups received every year
face-to-face meetings
in-depth analysis
new investments each year

We make investing easy

Joining OneRagtime means saying goodbye to tedious investment processes and loads of paperwork. With our powerful platform and fully digitalised process, investment opportunities are only a few clicks away.

Our investors have direct access to term-sheets, deal diligence analysis and portfolio management. All legal processes are easily done online: automated KYC and signatures, access to deal flow and analyses, commitment, subscription, cash calls and portfolio management.


We protect you with professional standard investment terms

Because we are mainly positioned as the first professional investor on all of our deals, we are able to negotiate highly protective terms, including:

  • Anti-dilution right
  • Ratchet warrants
  • Pari-passu rights
  • Right of first refusal
  • Call options (leavers)
  • Company board seat and observer seat
  • Veto right on key decisions
  • Proportional and full tag along rights
  • Representations and warranties benefit

We diversify and improve the quality of your investments

We believe that start-ups need smart-money, that’s why we provide our portfolio companies with strategic, operational, business development and recruitment support. Every quarter, you'll have access to your start-up reporting, as well as continuous portfolio management.  

We’ve also partnered with a top-notch investment bank (Messier & Associés) to ensure that we’re always one step ahead of the exit game. You'll also have the opportunity to meet the founders of your portfolio companies during exclusive community events, organized regularly by OneRagtime.