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Let's have a look back at an eventful week for the French tech ecosystem! :

The  launch of France Digitale Day 2023 at Matignon, hosted by Elisabeth Borne, marked an exceptional partnership between France Digitale and CES Las Vegas and demonstrated once again the importance our government attaches to the development of our tech ecosystem for our sovereignty and sustainable development issues.

During the FD Day, I was able to take part in a conference with Candice Cohen-Louyot (, Sophie Coulon-Renouvel (Arkéa Capital), Benjamin Gaignault (Ornikar / Skarlett) and Gilles Satgé (Lucca) on the sustainability and effectiveness of our growth models, between profitability and the race towards hyper-growth, and throughout the day I saw all the enthusiasm surrounding our tech ecosystem, which is more resilient than ever.

As we do every year, we took part in the Summit of Minds, a 3-day event in Chamonix that brings together over 200 leading figures, including entrepreneurs, investors, former political advisors (Jacques Attali), economists (Philippe Aghion) and extreme athletes (Ben Saudners) to name but a few, to discuss the major climate issues of our time. We sponsored the Good4nature prize, so well done to all the participants and to Pascal Asselin from MORFO for this award!

We also attended IPEM, which brought together all the private equity players in Paris for a few days. This conference was an opportunity to discuss the latest trends in the private equity market and the importance of private finance for innovation. Our VC business is now seen as the best equity financing solution for France's entrepreneurial fabric, a key driver of strategic and industrial sovereignty and sustainable growth, and the right channel of transmission between savings and start-ups.

If we in the venture capital industry continue to grow so strongly, it's because we continue to achieve remarkable and consistent performance over time, and we continue to invest in companies that combine impact and performance.

Let's continue to invest together in the economy of tomorrow through start-ups!

On behalf of OneRagtime, a huge THANK YOU to the IPEM team (Antoine Colson, Mathilde Gibert, etc.), the Summit of Minds team (Thierry Malleret, Mary Anne Malleret, etc.) and the great France Digitale team that made this event possible and unforgettable (Maya Noël, Arthur Nègre, Antoine Chauffrut, Alexandre Labarriere, Laure de Clebsattel and everyone else ...).

We'll be getting together again tomorrow for the OneRagtime Founders Day, which will bring together all our founders for an afternoon of exchanging and sharing experiences, followed by a moment with the investors and partners of the OneRagtime community.

Stéphanie Hospital

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