Investing in Pickme

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Pickme, a hyper-local and sustainable delivery network of individuals managing parcels for their neighbors, enabling carriers to optimize deliveries through a last-mile capacity service. OneRagtime is leading their seed round of €3.5m with Founders Future, French Founders, Kima Ventures, and strategic Business Angels.

Pickme acts as a last-mile capacity service with full integration into carriers’ delivery systems while turning neighbors into local and social pickup points, allowing them to earn money easily, create social links with neighbors and reduce CO2 emissions. For customers, Pickme is an augmented close-to-home delivery experience with a flexible collection time.

Today, the transport of goods in urban areas is responsible for 25% of CO2 emissions in cities. Yet, 30% of the 800M parcels delivered in France each year have yet to be received during the first delivery attempt. Pickme responds to this problem by streamlining the process and experience of receiving parcels thanks to its community of private individuals (Keepers) who constitute a unique network of local micro-hubs.

So, why did we invest:

  1. Huge market: Trends show that there is a large opportunity to offer more solutions for carriers to avoid returns and optimize deliveries on the first try. Pickme leverages fast-growing trends in the delivery market and new customers’ expectations related to delivery. They target every carrier active in Europe, where more than 30bn parcels are expected to be delivered by 2025. Moreover, the cost of failed deliveries for carriers is estimated to be €15bn/year, leaving retailers to lose clients because of last-mile failure. At the same time, Pickme reduces failed delivery carbon emissions which represent 108k tons of unnecessary issued CO2 in Europe only.
  2. Execution and product: Pickme has already signed major carriers while developing a product with a high set of features offering flexibility and real-time. They have developed a sales strategy allowing a quick-and-easy integration with new partners allowing them to manage important volumes for them quickly. Its asset-light, quick integration with carriers, and +95% deliverability thanks to a solid nearness network make the solution seamless and relevant for carriers.
  3. Strong and complimentary team: Any investment starts and ends with a team, and Jessie, Samuel, and Florian are suited to succeed. Jessie has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and e-commerce in the retail industry. At the same time, Samuel is an expert in ops: he previously worked at EY as an Operations Consultant before managing the Ops at Cleanio (acquired by Zipjet) and at HelloCasa (acquired by EDF). Florian on his side has 10 years of experience as a CTO in tech startups.

We couldn’t be more excited to back Pickme on its journey to build a category-defining business in logistics tech.

Welcome to the OneRagtime family!