Leverage the 150-O-B-ter by investing with OneRagtime

The 2024 Finance Law opens up exciting prospects! With OneRagtime, take advantage of an attractive tax framework to maximize your investments, thanks to article 150-0 B ter of the French General Tax Code (CGI).

This scheme allows you to defer capital gains tax on the sale of shares, thus avoiding the 30% flat tax or the immediate progressive scale of income tax.

💡 The aim? Stimulate investment in SMEs, by creating liquidity.

To benefit, follow these simple steps:

- Before the sale: Contribute your shares to a holding company.

- After the sale: Reinvest at least 60% of your capital gain within 24 months, either in operating companies in the EU, or in investment funds such as FPCIs, FCPRs and SCRs.

New features of the LF 2024:

- Inclusion of additional eligible assets, such as current account advances and securities giving deferred access to capital. Possibility of acquiring shares in companies without taking control, up to 10% of the amount invested.

🔍 Before the LF 2024, these opportunities were not available.

With OneRagtime, take full advantage of the 150-O B-ter: we offer investment solutions eligible for this tax scheme, whether in club-deal or via our diversified funds.

✨ Join OneRagtime and transform your investments thanks to the Loi de Finances 2024. It's the perfect opportunity to maximize the impact and profitability of your financial commitments!

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