Why you should invest in start-ups

After two years of euphoria, investment in start-ups and venture capital funds is falling back. Is this good or bad news?

We are now back to the levels of fundraising that we knew before 2020, 2021. Back to normality after two off-peak years.

The volume of projects is down, but the quality of the entrepreneurs we meet is spectacularly remarkable.

There has been a reset effect on tech stocks, which is essential. Because the valuations we have seen in recent years, even in Seed, were untenable.

In 2023, we will continue to invest. But we are careful to pay more reasonable valuations. The market must return to sound values.

However, our fundamentals are even stronger than in 2019. Technology is omnipresent in our daily lives: at home or in our offices, we no longer do without. There is no turning back. For the common good.

Our talents want to be entrepreneurial, and everything is done for it. We are lucky to be in France, a country that loves entrepreneurs and invests in them. Bpifrance, La French Tech, France Digitale, France Invest, our entrepreneurs, talents and partners and all the stakeholders in the ecosystem are a gold mine for our country, which puts us at the top of the league in Europe.

There has never been a better time for entrepreneurship than during a crisis. 2001, 2008, these are the years that gave birth to companies that have shaped generations (Google, Airbnb, Spotify etc). And it is this current crisis that will give birth to our next champions.

The best is yet to come. At OneRagtime, we will continue to invest in the best projects, from seed. And we have already done so since the beginning of 2023, with 3 new seed investments that we are very proud to support. We will tell you more soon.

At the dawn of a technological revolution that is still in its infancy, marked by a strong development of artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies, it is now more than ever time to invest in the start-ups that will change our daily lives. Innovation and talent are our greatest asset.

Dare, build, invest. With impact.

🇫🇷 ❤️